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Whaling [Get loads of accounts!]
11.25.2009, 10:54 PM

There are many ways that you can obtain accounts such as Steam, MSN, World of Warcraft, Runscape, the list can go on forever. Some ways you can obtain these's accounts are Phishing, Key-logging, Switch-blading, Social Engineering...

But sometimes you just want one account or your not in the mood to go through all the hassle, there is a simply way of getting around this. This tutorial will meet the needs that you require, so pull up a chair because we are about to begin!

Tools of the trade

Before you can even attempt this, please take the time to download the necessary tools located Here

The following tools are provided in this fast download

•Process explorer

The programs are hidden!, be sure to unhide them!

You will only be using BinText, the other tools will be needed in later tutorials, you can also take the time to review them yourself, other useful tools you may or will need include...

•Wireshark (More advance packet sniffer)
•Sandboxie (especially if your going to use Process explorer)

Lets begin

1) First thing we will have to do is extract all the tools, extract them to your desktop. (I recommend WinRaR or 7zip)
2) Next we will have to open BinText, find it amongst the tools you just extracted to your desktop.
3) Now the interesting part, goto Youtube and search for a fake generator/points/money hack, any kind of scam program you can. (Eg: Wow money hack program, Microsoft point adder) and so on. For the point of this tutorial, I'm going to also find one and upload it for you here (I have already changed the password) I found that file here at this Youtube video
4) Now drag the program that you just found (or downloaded above) in the textbox on BinText
5) Search for keywords like "hotmail" "Yahoo" "Gmail"

The email and password is 95% of the time located at the bottom as sending your details is the last thing the program does.

6) Once found, copy and paste the Email and password into notepad, you will also have the string numbers, so you will have to remove them before try the email out

Congrats!! it was that simply to obtain the email and password. Now go try it out :D

Additional information

This will only work with unencrypted Trojans, try use a packet sniffer (aka Sniffpass) for anything that is encrypted (the chances of you getting the pass is low) please let me write my other tutorial before you try that, as further programs are needed also.

You will find 80% of the time that the email that you have got is the same as the Youtube account, have a look around there also :) take them down and make it look ethical.

Written by Maningrey
Please leave a comment and +1 Rep if you enjoyed my writing

Watch the video of me doing it!!!

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