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Host Booting / DDoSing Tutorial
11.25.2009, 10:48 PM
Host Booting Tutorial
Completely Written by Brent328
Please give credit if you post this elsewhere. This took a lot of time.

*Note* Not every Host Booter is in here, there are probably hundreds of them out there.
*Note* These will usually be detected as the following - Backdoor.Trojan, Trojan.BotNet, Trojan.HackTool, HackTool.botWatch,. I guarantee you that they are NOT infected, as long as you don't run the bot servers on your computer.

What is Host Booting?
Host Booting is a form of DDoS(Distributed Denial of Service).What is a DDoS? (Click Here) You get zombies, and you attack an IP with a shit load of packets. These are most commonly used in video games like Halo 2 and 3, and Gears of War 2. Notice that the default port to attack is 3074, which is the Xbox connecting port, but you can change it to any port you want and also choose UPD, HTTP, and ICMP attacks.

Video Tutorials(by me)
Source Codes
Host Booters
DDoSeR 3.6
[Image: main.png]

Go here; http://www.hackforums.net/showthread.php?tid=155540

[Image: etcq6o.jpg]

Go here; http://www.hackforums.net/showthread.php?tid=173611

MeTuS Delphi 2.8
*Uses any port
[Image: 2822cyd.png]

MeTuS Delphi Download:

Metus 2.0 GB Edition
*Uses port 3176
[Image: 161jmmg.png]

MeTuS GB Client:

BioZombie v1.5
*Uses port 3174
[Image: 2i88aa8.png]

BioZombie Host Booter:

XR Host Booter v2.1
*Uses on port 3070
[Image: 2ltgj90.png]

XR Host Booter 2.1:

Hex Workshop
You will need Hex Workshop in order to make the bot connect to you. You can download v5 HERE. To unlock Hex Workshop for lifetime use, use this serial to unlock:

Making Your Bot Server
You are going to need to hex edit your bot to connect to you. Download Hex Workshop (Above) and install. The rest of the info is below.

For MeTuS Delphi 2.8

For MeTuS GB Edition

For XR

For the BioZombie Bot

Spreading Your Bot
Spreading is the hardest part of the process, finding where all the stupid people download from.
One method of spreading is torrent. Find out how to make torrents Click Here.
Another method is YouTube videos. You make a video of something that someone wants, upload your binded/crypted bot to a downloading site like RapidShare or MegaUpload and say its what they want.
You can also spread on forums. I won't explain it all, just say it's something that the members would want and post it for download. I wouldn't recommend spreading on hacking-related websites, they aren't as stupid.

Binders and Crypters
Binder and crypters are used to make your bot server less detectable by Anti-viruses. There are many out there, but public ones get detected fast. You can buy a private crypter that makes your server FUD (Fully Undetecable), I recommend iCrypt (http://www.iCrypt.info). As for public ones, there are many on these forums, just use the search box. Also, there seems to be even more on http://www.hackhound.org.

Port Forwarding
You need to open ports to accept the incoming connections from the infected zombies, and also to send outgoing commands to them. For help on opening ports please go to http://portforward.com/ The ports that the above host booters run on are listed directly below the title of them.
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