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D0xing and hacking people
11.25.2009, 10:53 PM
So you want to d0x somebody, maybe even a member of this board.(
This tut will tell you how to hack/d0x somebody and get the person into trouble.

First you want to start of getting a victim, pick one wich is preferably not too clever.

Ok now you know who you want to d0x,
you have their forum name/email/real name.

If your victim is a forum member ( DO NOT ATTEMPT TO HACK ANYBODY OF THIS FORUM).
Let's take for example me, what you would do is check my profile.
So you're looking at my profile, what should you look at?
[Image: 10266022.png]
So you saw that my birthdate is 09-19-1993 (16 years old)
So you write that down, then you open up google and search for:
"d0xed"( with the ") or d0xed
In my case you won't find anything..
But lets for example search for "Omniscient"
That gave us too many results, so i put
"Omniscient" hackforums.

The result:
[Image: 31084298.png]

We found his real name, so we will search for "jesse and his last name(i cant type it because its filtered)" on google.
You will find his personal myspace, now you will just need his email, get it by searching the sites for his email.
(I won't do it because Omni is the admin)
Then, you wrote down the info on him, and go to recover account, and put all the info of his account in there, and BAM you will probably have him hacked. ( you can do the same with somebody email)

How to fuck somebody.
Go to reza24.com(down atm)
Get your link.
Go to tinylink, and tiny it.
Now email/pm the victim with the reza24.com link disguised as tinylink, before he realises it you have his IP Pirate.
Register on hacking forums and post a lot of gore shit and then post the ip of your victim there,
chance he will get fucked Thumbsup.[/b]
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